Life, coffee and more..

People like other people that they can relate to. One of those ways is to connect through coffee. It is one of those common interests that bring people together in coffee shops, college campuses, and everyday homes. I’m Benjamin Noll, and I’m a Penn College student studying Web Development and Design in Williamsport, PA. I am originally from Sinking Spring, PA, which is right outside of Reading, PA. Reading is located about an hour away from Philadelphia for those of you who do not know where Reading is.

Naturally, since Reading is somewhat near Philadelphia, I am all Philly sports except for the Eagles. I bleed the black and gold for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I love football and love the game of baseball. Reading is home to one of the Philadelphia Phillies farm teams, The Reading Fightin Phils. It’s the best minor league park I’ve been to and would highly recommend it if there are any baseball enthusiasts out there. They have numerous mascots that are probably some of the best in baseball. They have this mascot/person who rides an ostrich around the ball park in between innings. Don’t get too excited, it’s not a real ostrich. It’s a man wearing an ostrich costume and throws hot dogs into the stands. His name is the “Crazy Hot Dog Vendor” and he is the most unique mascot I have ever seen. I may or may not have his autograph, but that’s not important. They actually do have real ostriches outside the ball park before certain games, which is pretty far out.

You’re here for coffee talk though right? Not for baseball mascots running around throwing hot dogs into the stands. That’s one of the many beauties of coffee talk, it can be anything and everything you’d ever desire. A lot can happen when a cup of joe is by your side. Grab any brew, latte, espresso, or hot mocha and indulge in some conversation with people every once and a while. I’m sure everyone knows that coffee can be nice when just hanging out, but it can save your life on the go. Based on that, I’d maybe tie the ostrich from before with coffee because both things are complete opposites and are bound to attract some kind of attention. Let’s just say that on a coffee cup, I would put an ostrich running with coffee and on the other side of the cup, an ostrich sitting down with coffee. It’s pretty far out there, but I think people might like something that is different rather than the same old coffee cups from other businesses. Therefore, creating a coffee brand with an ostrich as the logo could be an exciting, different change of pace.

#coffee #freshlegs #coffeebuff



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