Roasts, Roasts, and more roasts


Here’s Benji’s Beans back at it again with the post about coffee. People love coffee and love to talk about their favorite drink or roast. Some people have favorite type’s of coffee like beverages such as cappuccinos, frappuccinos, espressos, lattes, etc. You name it, and someone out there is bound to go bonkers over that brew. This time I want to talk about different types of coffee roasts and what people might prefer based on the roast’s descriptions. I could go on and on about the many types of roasts and where they came from and how they came about, but I want to focus on the four basic roasts, which are light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. Those are some of the basic roasts that are highly consumed by people everyday.

Light Roast


Light roasts are my favorite type of coffee roast and for many other people as well. Coffee beans are pretty simple when it comes to color of the beans vs. the name. Light roast coffee has a light brown color, a light body, and has no oil on the surface of the beans. The original flavors of the light beans are retained longer than darker roasts. Another aspect of light roast beans is they keep most of the caffeine from the coffee bean. Although this is true for the bean, a dark roast coffee can have more caffeine. When light roast beans are “roasted” they only roast them until they pop or crack, and they don’t go beyond that first crack.

Medium Roasts


Ah the medium roast.. I believe the medium roast is the most popular roast of coffee in America. It sort of has a nice balance between light and dark roasts, hence the medium roast. A few years ago I used to judge the roast based on how bitter they were, light being some, medium being more bitter, and dark being too bitter to ever drink black. Medium is usually the highest I’ll go because that is my preference, feel free to drink dark roast black if you want to put some hair on your chest. Medium roasts are darker in color and have no oil on the bean’s surface. Medium roast beans are roasted between the first crack and the second crack.



Personally I have never really saw the reason to go in between a medium and a dark roast, but to each his own. Medium-dark roasts are darker in color with some oil starting to show on the surface of the beans. The beans are heavier than the medium and light roast beans. The beans are roasted until the start of the second crack or in the middle of the second crack. Certain flavors of the roasting process can be tasted, and they even taste spicy depending on the roast.

Dark Roast


The mighty dark roast. The bitterest of coffee brews to some, but to others it’s a god send. Dark roast brews are dark brown in color, almost looking like chocolate. They can even look black at times. It has oil on the surface, which is highly noticeable when the coffee is brewed. The beans are roasted until the end of the second crack or a little after. Dark roasts can even be used in espresso blends.

Roasts, Roasts, and more Ostriches?!?!


All these different types of roasts are just to give you a glimpse of the many possibilities of coffee. I think it’s fascinating what goes into roasting the basic coffee beans. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion with their favorite coffee brew, but my personal favorite is a light roast blend and sometimes a medium blend. The ostrich is not impressed when you do not choose a light roast blend. That is the ostriches’ favorite brew. He likes that higher caffeine content that gets his legs moving in the morning.

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