Get Your Coffee Legs



Benji’s Beans here with the latest and greatest coffee and ostrich themed blog. Every morning people get up, put on their pants, get coffee, and then go to work. Unfortunately, not everyone gets coffee in the morning and they go about their natural lives. Which is perfectly fine, but their work day and lives would be better if they got their coffee legs. Yes, their coffee legs. The best way to explain my thinking would be explain what I see when I look at the photograph above.

The photograph is obviously two ostriches just going about their business, but I also see their personality when I look at their posture. The ostrich on the left looks hunched over a little, almost like its slouching. Based on its body language you would say that it looks tired and irritable. On the other hand, the ostrich on the right looks very stout, alert, and confident with its puffed out feathery chest and head held up high. The way the ostrich on the right looks is the way I want to feel when I drink coffee in the morning. I may not want to have my feathers all fluffed out with a popped chest, but the confidence it invokes.

If you remember from my first post, I talked of a potential brand that could exist. That brand would be an ostrich as the logo for a coffee brand. The name is still yet to be determined, but I think having the tagline of “Get Your Coffee Legs” would be a possibility. To expand on the logo on the cup, I would want an ostrich head on the one side and then the ostrich legs and feet on the other side. Maybe I’m just a little strange, but I believe that associating ostriches and coffee is a great idea. I think that people gravitate to brands or ideas that are unique and different. That being said, my idea of bringing a ridiculously fast bird and coffee together is at the top of the charts.

To wrap up, I want to my readers/fan club/coffee lovers to continue to keep waking up in the morning and get your coffee legs. Be stout, alert, and confident to the best of your ability. Allow coffee to envelop you in all its glory. Even if you are not a coffee drinker, give it a chance to change your mornings or your life. Coffee changing your life may be a stretch, unless you happened to have met the love of your life over a cup of coffee. Who knows, I’m just a man with a love of coffee and any ideas that associate with either coffee or love.


2 thoughts on “Get Your Coffee Legs

  1. This is actually my first time reading your blog and as soon as I read the first paragraph, I got very intrigued since coffee and ostriches are two things people would never think to put together. I am not much of a coffee drinker but I only get it when I really need to. The coffee I drink is either frappes or cappuccinos. It would be cool to see in the future a coffee brand with an ostrich on it, I would be very intrigued to try it. If you make the coffee one day, I would definitely try it!


  2. Benji, this is such a strange idea, but it’s so uplifting and creative! What made you decide to create such an idea? I’m not personally a coffee guy, but emus and ostriches are pretty unique and cool. Keep creating cool ideas, bud!


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