Got Rhythm?

Have you ever just done the same thing every morning day after day? Can you recite every single detail of your actions? If you can, you might have rhythm. Why rhythm? Well the easy answer is your morning activities have a repeated pattern of movement or sound. The better answer is to have a daily rhythm that is smooth, suave, and pleasing. Now, everyone is going to have an answer to how they make their mornings or entire days better with their rhythmic patterns of prosperity and enthusiasm, but I think combining people’s ideas will be beneficial to society. Oh yes, society. After all, don’t we all want to contribute to society in some shape or form. If not, then what are we doing?

Anyway, what does any of my gibberish have to deal with coffee, ostriches, or getting your coffee legs? When you first think about it, it doesn’t make any sense at all, but when you relate it to rhythm, it makes a little sense. The beauty of anything in this world is you can interpret it in any way you like, within reason of course. Rhythm can relate to coffee because it is typically consumed in the morning as a rhythmic pattern by many Americans and people all over the world. Ostriches have their own daily rhythmic patterns of eating, sleepy, running around, and whatever else they do. Coffee legs, well that’s all about getting to know your favorite brews and blends and making them a habit. Therefore, whatever your rhythm, whether it deal with coffee or getting your legs moving, own it. Embrace it and make sure it’s smooth, suave, and pleasing.

This isn’t something to have you read and then be done with it. It’s meant to help you keep yourself alive. I don’t mean literally, but if that works for you, then so be it. I mean as a reader and as a person you have to figure out what routine works for you. What rhythm fits your criteria? What rhythm makes you happy? Is there someone helping you with your rhythm? Maybe that will make your rhythmic life easier. That is what we are all trying to do right? Find someone to love and make the rhythm easier. I know this seems a little abstract and out of the norm, but what fun is life without uncommon people, events, and blogs like this one. Find your outside the box or the unusual rhythm of everyday life that makes you want to live it and share it with us.

I urge you to comment below and share your rhythm, whatever it may be. It can be about coffee, ostriches, fresh legs, or anything your little heart desires. What can you share with the world that will help bring a new perspective that has yet to be seen. Any types of rhythm are welcome. Place those finger upon your keyboard and inspire us to see the reason behind your rhythm.



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