Got Rhythm?

Have you ever just done the same thing every morning day after day? Can you recite every single detail of your actions? If you can, you might have rhythm. Why rhythm? Well the easy answer is your morning activities have a repeated pattern of movement or sound. The better answer is to have a daily rhythm […]

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Get Your Coffee Legs

Source:   Benji’s Beans here with the latest and greatest coffee and ostrich themed blog. Every morning people get up, put on their pants, get coffee, and then go to work. Unfortunately, not everyone gets coffee in the morning and they go about their natural lives. Which is perfectly fine, but their work day and […]

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Roasts, Roasts, and more roasts

Here’s Benji’s Beans back at it again with the post about coffee. People love coffee and love to talk about their favorite drink or roast. Some people have favorite type’s of coffee like beverages such as cappuccinos, frappuccinos, espressos, lattes, etc. You name it, and someone out there is bound to go bonkers over that […]

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